Developing the Partnership Plan

Topic Progress:
The FPs first provide guidance on how to develop the Partnership Plan, identifying workshops and/or bilateral meetings necessary to inform the Plan.

Building on the Rapid Situational Assessment (RSA), the Partnership Plan is a living document that captures that key activities to be led by Partnership members and in-country stakeholders, and map where existing and planned projects contribute to the country’s NDC’s goals. The Plan is developed with a results framework in place, including outcomes, supported by outputs and measured with key performance indicators in place, which enables measuring progress over time.

Developing the Plan can be a joint exercise between the FPs and the facilitator in collaboration with the Scoping Lead and/or other Partnership Member. Throughout the planning cycle, transparency and inclusiveness are central pieces of the process so that stakeholders have the opportunity to provide inputs to the final product.

During the preparation process of the Partnership Plan, the facilitator and FPs will foster a conversation on a system for tracking progress of Plan implementation. The facilitator and FPs, with Partnership Plan contributors, will discuss and develop the timing, information sharing and other details on progress tracking throughout the planning process.

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