Stage 1: What, who, when

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What: Country requests support from NDC Partnership.

Who: Country FPs ensuring priority needs are identified, following a whole of government consultative process,

When: Start of process.

View examples of Request for Support letters in the Library.

What: Schedule and facilitate a briefing call with all interested Members of the Partnership, in presence of country focal points, to discuss RSL, country projects/programs of Members, and/or scheduling Scoping Mission.

Who: Scoping Lead, FPs.

When: Within 2 weeks of country request for support.

What: Organize in-country Scoping Mission to create awareness regarding the Partnership, identify country needs, establish country contacts with Member country offices/embassies, begin mapping stakeholders and planning for the identification and nomination of an in-country facilitator. During the Scoping Mission, the Scoping Lead, with support from government focal points, also arranges bilateral meetings or workshops with Partnership Member country offices. A scoping mission report is produced, which is approved by the government, before circulation to the wider Membership.

Who: Scoping Lead, Member country FPs, Partnership member country and headquarter office contacts.

When: Dates for Scoping Mission-as per request from the HC, Scoping Mission Report within one month of completion of the mission.

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What: Create stakeholder contact list with relevant contacts, in-country Member contacts, other contacts relevant to in-country NDC implementation. Stakeholder map should include contact information (name, title, division, email, phone) for each point of contact per organization.

Who: Scoping Lead

When: Within 2 weeks of Scoping Mission

What: Circulate RSL to Partnership Members and relevant stakeholders for them to respond to priority areas of support identified by the Government. The Scoping Lead compiles their responses into a formal letter to the government. The letter is verified by the Members expressing interest to support before final submission to the Government. A follow up mission may be organized as per need to further discuss the RSL with in-country stakeholders.

Who: Scoping Lead, Partnership member country and headquarter office contacts.

When: Within one month of receiving RSL. If a Scoping Mission takes place after the RSL receipt, then within one month of the Scoping Mission.

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