Selecting Implementing Partners (IPs)

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As the Partnership Plan is developed, the Focal Points (FPs) develop a list of Implementing Partners (IPs), who are responsible for implementing specific activities outlined within the Partnership Plan.

The Partnership Plan records how each partner will contribute to NDC implementation, what projects/programs or actions they will lead or support, what resources (technical or financial) they can dedicate to the process, and how they will communicate with and work within the Partnership. Implementing Partners may be added to the Plan throughout the engagement process, during revision or update processes.

"We have to strategize and prioritize in accordance with strength of implementing partners. We are finding niches for each of our partners..."
Member Country

Once the Partnership Plan and the list of partners have been identified by the government, the Scoping Lead, FP, and facilitator share these results with a wider group of stakeholders, including institutional, associate, other country members and stakeholders involved in the country’s NDC implementation efforts. The FPs, facilitator and the partners coordinate closely on the implementation of the Partnership Plan, sharing responsibilities, information and resources, and tracking progress over time.

What are Implementing Partners?

IPs are any relevant organizations, irrespective of membership status with the NDC Partnership, that bring resources and skill sets to the table, regardless of the source of funding.

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