Assessing results to update the Partnership Plan annually

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The Partnership Plan is designed to span two to three years. With every assessment of implementation, however, the FPs and the Partnership should assess evolving needs, changing conditions or opportunities to increase ambition.

Within the implementation process, the facilitator and FPs may (depending on needs of the government) conduct additional needs assessments and additional consultations with key stakeholders, which are used to update the Partnership Plan.

This reflection exercise should include the review of all relevant ministries for NDC implementation, and participation of the ministry responsible for gender equality and/or women and social affairs. It could also be timed to correlate with periodic NDC revisions.

The plan may not always need be updated annually and may be adjusted as opportunities arise that warrant incorporation in the Plan.

"Every time a donor or multilateral donor comes to our country and asks us what to do, we show them the Partnership Plan and say this is what we want to do."
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