Request for support briefing call

Topic Progress:
Once a Member country submits a Request for Support Letter, the Scoping Lead circulates this letter across relevant Members.

Before circulation, the Scoping lead consults with the government and in-country stakeholders to better understand requests for support and the context behind each request.  Partnership Members are invited to participate in initial engagement conversations.

The Scoping Lead and focal points of the country schedule a briefing call led by the government, for interested Members to explain and discuss:

  • Initial areas of support for NDC implementation as per the Request for Support Letter;
  • Way forward, including where relevant dates of upcoming missions.

What is a Scoping Lead?

Any Member of the Partnership can assume the role of the Scoping Lead. The Scoping Lead is an entity who volunteers to lead the work from stage 1 (pre-scoping calls) to stage 3 (completion of the partnership plan). The Scoping Lead must be approved by the Member country request for support from the Partnership.

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