The kick-off workshop

Topic Progress:
The kick-off workshop is led and facilitated by country FPs, with Scoping Lead support. The knowledge and expertise of the in-country development partners are leveraged, building on existing gaps assessments and other analyses already conducted by in-country stakeholders.

Primary objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Discuss with all stakeholders how the CE process can add value given current arrangements
  • Foster maximum national ownership for scoping demands and facilitating cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder dialogue on NDC implementation
  • Secure broad involvement of all stakeholders relevant to the country‚Äôs NDC implementation
  • Secure buy-in across government and from DP/IPs
  • Promote transparency about the process and roles and responsibilities of the SU, government, and IP/DP in the process
  • Seek comments on facilitation arrangement and/or offer that role to relevant stakeholders
  • Prepare the basis for developing a Rapid Situational Assessment (see Stage 2), which serves as a framework for developing the Partnership Plan
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in NDC implementation
Republic of Marshall Islands Partnership Dialogue July 2018
Republic of Marshall Islands Partnership Dialogue, July 2018

Key Documents

  • Example Workshop Report from Nepal (coming soon)
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