The role of the Support unit

The NDC Partnership is supported by a Secretariat, known as the Support Unit.

The NDC Partnership Support Unit works with and amongst Partnership members to facilitate technical,   financial and knowledge support to accelerate NDC implementation at the country level. Serving as a Secretariat  team for the Partnership, the Support Unit fosters communications between members, shares information on NDC implementation efforts, and coordinates member resources with specific country needs. While support to countries on NDC implementation is primarily delivered by the members, the Support Unit may provide fast, short-term technical assistance as part of its objective to motivate larger actions and opportunities.

The Support Unit includes teams for country engagement, knowledge and learning, memberships and communications. These teams work in unison to facilitate joint planning through country engagements, develop and share knowledge resources through knowledge and learning, organize and manage member status and communicate achievements in NDC implementation.

The Support Unit
NDC Partnership Support Unit Retreat
NDC Partnership Support Unit Retreat

The NDC Partnership Support Unit is co-hosted by the UNFCCC secretariat (UN Climate Change) in Bonn, Germany and World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington DC, USA.

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