What makes our process unique?

The landscape of climate responsive agencies is diverse and many multi-stakeholder platforms have emerged which aim to foster more systematic and coherent approaches to development. What sets the NDC Partnership apart?

The NDC Partnership’s dual role as a global partnership and a country-level facilitation mechanism allows it to go beyond fostering partnerships to:

  • establish a country-wide single framework for cooperation, implementing and tracking progress among Partners, with common objectives and a concrete results based plan of action
  • harness a rapid and streamlined flow of technical and financial assistance between member country governments and implementing partners
  • link the capacity building and knowledge services of various stakeholders to a centralized knowledge platform

The NDC Partnership is the only global initiative exclusively dedicated to fast tracking implementation of NDCs. With more than 100 members, it has proven experience in providing technical assistance, knowledge and finance support in 35+ member countries. The Partnership links NDCs with SDGs, converts NDCs into a results based action plan, uses a whole of government approach, and converges the objectives of governments and development partners into a single operational framework called a Partnership Plan.

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