NDC Partnership members

The NDC Partnership has over 100 members, including developed and developing countries in all regions of the world, as well as major international institutions and non-state actors.

Membership is open to all countries as well as international institutions (Institutional Members) that are committed to ambitious NDC and implementation of related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Membership is voluntary and defined by support for the NDC Partnership’s Guiding Principles that orient its work and the work of its members.

Country membership requires nomination of two Focal Points (FPs): one from the ministry of environment and/or climate authorities and one from a ministry responsible for finance, planning, or economic development. FPs are the primary points of contact for all work relating to the NDC Partnership and are invited to represent Member countries at membership events. Institutional Members and Associate Members require the nomination of one FP.

Members pledge to cooperate and provide support to ensure that NDC-related assistance is aligned to the identified priorities of the country.

Read more on the members page of our website.

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What are Associate Members?

The Partnership also welcomes non-state actors. These Associate Members must exist as an independently registered legal entity; have a mission to pursue climate action; be nominated by an NDC Partnership Member; and currently support NDC Partnership Member countries in climate action and development activities. Find out more about in 'Becoming an Associate Member'.

What are Focal Points (FP)?

Focal Points are appointed ministries from Member country government who oversee engagement with the Partnership.

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