NDC Partnership supports Members in mobilizing and guiding public and private finance through its in-country activities associated with Partnership Plans and its provision of knowledge resources.

The Partnership supports countries in prioritizing and communicating their investment needs to potential financing partners in three ways:

  • Members of the Partnership can support countries in developing comprehensive strategies and implementing policies and actions that build effective enabling environments.
  • The NDC Partnership deepens country processes to capture and communicate relevant investment opportunities to its network and will also engage a wider range of potential public and private partners.
  • The Partnership offers a condensed and organized set of informational resources and tools readily available for countries to learn how to access finance from diverse sources.
Partnership Plan workshop in Morocco
Partnership Plan workshop in Morocco

TheĀ Partnership also seeks opportunities to catalyze collaboration with and among climate finance institutions to ease access to finance. The Partnership engages with networks of investors and private sector actors to build interest in NDCs as blueprints for investment by using the plans and experiences of members as references.

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