Overview of Country Engagement

The NDC Partnership Country Engagement process includes interacting directly with Partnership focal points from country’s environment and/or climate ministry, and the ministry responsible for finance, planning, or economic development. These Partnership focal points lead the process of assessing needs and identifying opportunities for achieving NDC targets.
Namibia launches its NDC Partnership Plan
Namibia launches its NDC Partnership Plan

Throughout this process, the government, with Partnership support, engages all relevant stakeholders, including sector representatives to collaborate on NDC implementation. Through Country Engagement, members provide coordinated support to advance NDC implementation

The Country Engagement Strategy follows an adaptable five step process to establish, operationalize, and track Partnership activities at the country level. Member countries determine which steps are relevant to them, and when.

This module gives an overview of the Country Engagement Strategy. Each of the five stages is explored in more detail in the Stages of Country Engagement unit.

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