Stage 3: What, who, when

Topic Progress:
Explore the headings for a summary of what happens in Stage 3.

What: Develop a draft Partnership Plan using the Request for Support Letter (RSL); reports from the scoping and follow-up missions; the Rapid Situational Assessment (RSA); bilateral meetings and/or workshops. 

Who: Jointly between the FPs, In-Country Facilitator, Scoping Lead, sectoral ministries, Partnership members, and others. (The FPs first guide the development and identify workshops/meetings to inform it.)

When: Draft ready within six months of distributing the consolidated responses to the RSL.

What: Consult with development partners and other in-country stakeholders carrying forward climate action (including Partnership Member and non-members) to identify existing, planned and potential projects and support for NDC implementation. Determine and record projects and plans that are aligned to or could be aligned to Partnership Plan outputs, including projects timeline, indicative budget, deliverables to record support for Partnership Plan implementation.

Who: In-country facilitator, Scoping Lead, development partners, sectoral ministries, Member country FPs.

When: Draft ready within six months of distributing the consolidated responses to the RSL.

What: Revise the draft Partnership Plan and cross-check/review draft with country stakeholders and Partnership members.

Send the draft Partnership Plan to the FPs for their final approval. At this stage, check that the Plan responds to gender issues identified in the RSA and whether funding for these considerations exists or needs to be identified.

Who: Member country FPs, In-Country Facilitator, Scoping Lead.

When: Within three weeks after submission of the draft Partnership Plan.

What: Share the final Partnership Plan with partners and to track implementation.

Who: Member country FPs, In-Country Facilitator, Scoping Lead.

When: Within two weeks after the Partnership Plan is finalized.

What: Discuss, with stakeholders, a system for tracking progress (while the Plan is being developed and finalized). This system explores existing national planning monitoring and evaluation systems or other performance tracking systems.

Who: Member country FPs, In-Country Facilitator.

When: Within two weeks after finalizing the Partnership Plan.