Stage 1: What, who, when

Topic Progress:
Explore the headings for a summary of what happens in Stage 1.

What: Country requests support from NDC Partnership.

Who: Country FPs make sure that the country identifies priority needs, following a whole-of-government consultative process.

When: Start of process.

View examples of  Request for Support letters in the Library.

What: Schedule and facilitate a briefing call with all interested members of the Partnership, together with the country FPs, to discuss: RSL, country projects/programs of members, and/or scheduling of the scoping mission.

Who: Scoping Lead; FPs.

When: Within two weeks of country request for support.

What: Organize in-country scoping mission to:

  • build working relationships with the Partnership;
  • identify country needs;
  • establish country contacts with member country offices/embassies;
  • begin mapping stakeholders;
  • plan to select an In-Country Facilitator;
  • produce a scoping mission report.

During this stage, the Scoping Lead produces a scoping mission report. This is approved by the government, before circulation to the wider membership.

Who: Scoping Lead; member country FPs; Partnership member country and headquarter office contacts.

When: Dates for scoping mission arranged with the member country; scoping mission report within one month of completion of scoping mission.

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What: Create stakeholder contact list with relevant contacts, in-country member contacts, other contacts relevant to in-country NDC implementation. Stakeholder map should include contact information (name, title, division, email, phone) for each point of contact per organization.

Who: Scoping Lead.

When: Within two weeks of Scoping Mission.

What: Send RSL to Partnership members and relevant stakeholders to get their response to the priority areas of support identified by government. Compile responses (Scoping Lead) into a formal letter to the government. (Letter approved by interested members beforehand.)

Organize follow-up mission, if needed, to further discuss the RSL with in-country stakeholders.

Who: Scoping Lead; Partnership member country and headquarter office contacts.

When: Within one month of receiving RSL. Or, if a scoping mission happens, within one month of the end of the mission.

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