Selecting an In-Country Facilitator

Topic Progress:
During the scoping mission, the Scoping Lead shares the process for the member country to identify an In-Country Facilitator.

The In-Country Facilitator will:

  • coordinate the implementation of the Partnership Plan (see Stage 3);
  • provide operational and coordination support between the Focal Points (FPs) and the Partnership.
NDC Partnership presentation, COP24, Poland, December 2018.

There are three options for the In-country Facilitator:

  1. A government ministry or agency;
  2. A government ministry or agency, with embedded facilitation support from the Partnership;
  3. One or more Implementing Partners (IPs) or agencies chosen by the FPs.

The member country may identify the In-Country Facilitator at any point between Stage 1 and Stage 3.

Key Documents

Documents iconA standard In-Country Facilitator Terms of Reference (TOR) outlines the responsibilities of the In-Country Facilitator. The government can amend the TOR to reflect its specific country contexts.