Member roles

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Members of the Partnership can play various roles. Explore the tabs below to find out more.

The Scoping Role leads initial engagement with the member country, in representation of the NDC Partnership as a whole, scoping needs and identifying relevant policies, finance structures, ongoing or existing projects and local stakeholders. The Scoping Role leads to the development of a Rapid Situational Assessment (or similar analysis as per interested Members’ own processes and tools) that identify gaps and opportunities for climate action and NDC achievement.

The Scoping Role also entails drafting the Partnership Plans. The responsibilities of the Scoping Role finish once the implementation process is underway and an In-Country Facilitator has been selected. The Government can nominate the scoping lead to play the role of the faciliator as well.

 In Guatemala this role is played by the World Bank

 In Cote d'Ivoire this role is played by the UNDP

Netherlands flag In Mali this role is played by the Netherlands

The In-Country Facilitator serves as the NDC Partnership’s national level interface, operating as a liaison between the country and the NDC Partnership. Working on behalf of the Government, the Facilitator plays a key role in ensuring coordination of the country engagement process and building the capacity of the government.

This involves working with the partner country to:

  • refine its objectives for support over time (including articulation of the Partnership Plan);
  • coordinate the implementation of the Partnership Plan in-country;
  • assist in tracking and communicating results.

The Facilitator also liaises with the NDC Partnership SU and/or the Scoping Lead for vertical information sharing, including both contributing to and accessing knowledge products.

Mozambique flag In Mozambique this role is played by FAO

 In Honduras this role is played by Germany

 In Jordan this role is played by the Netherlands

The Partnership Plan Contributor role involves committing member resources, time and attention to carrying forward specific actions or items in a Partnership Plan. Ideally, members assuming this role will have participated in the Partnership Plan workshop, become familiar with other members providing support through the Plan and understand the way forward for implementing the Plan and tracking progress.

 In Rwanda the World Bank is one of several Partnership Plan Contributors

 In Viet Nam this role is played by the UNDP

Namibia flag In Namibia this role is played by the French Development Agency

 In Uganda this role is played by the Global Green Growth Institute