Developing the Partnership Plan

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The Focal Points (FPs) first guide Plan development and identify workshops and/or bilateral meetings to inform it. Afterwards, developing the Plan can be a joint exercise between the FPs and the In-Country Facilitator, working with the Scoping Lead and/or other Partnership member.

The Plan puts a results framework in place, including outcomes supported by outputs, and measured with key performance indicators. This framework allows progress to be measured over time.

Partnership Plan workshop, Morocco
Partnership Plan workshop, Morocco

Tracking progress

During the preparation process of the Partnership Plan, the In-Country Facilitator and FPs discuss and develop a system for tracking progress of Plan implementation. The facilitator and FPs, with Partnership Plan contributors, discuss and develop the timing, information sharing and other details on progress tracking throughout the planning process.

Key documents

Documents iconYou can download the Partnership Plan template, as well as the Country Partnership Plans for the following countries: MozambiqueUgandaRwandaMongolia and  Sao Tome and Principe (unofficial English translation).