Consolidated responses to the Request for Support Letter (RSL)

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The Scoping Lead asks Partnership members and relevant stakeholders to respond to the priority areas of support that the requesting country has identified (in the RSL). The Scoping Lead consolidates these responses into a formal letter to the country’s government.

The Scoping Lead sends the RSL to the country offices/embassies of members and all relevant headquarter contact persons of the Partnership. The RSL should include an overview of what the country is already doing about each specific request.

When Partnership members receive the RSL, they identify the priority areas of support they can offer, either through new or existing activities. Members send their responses to the Scoping Lead within two months.

The Scoping Lead compiles members’ responses back to the government. (Members can also send their responses directly to the country Focal Points, keeping the Scoping Lead informed.) The full extent of the support, corresponding details, delivery period and indicative budget, where relevant, can be discussed during Stages 2 and 3.

The RSL and the consolidated response from members are both deliverables of Stage 1 of the Country Engagement process.

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