Stage 1: Scoping Mission and Request for Support

Engagement with the NDC Partnership is a country-driven process. In Stage 1, a member country submits a Request for Support Letter (RSL) for in-country support from the Partnership.

The RSL begins a set of actions, including the selection of:

  • Focal Points (FPs), from the ministries of environment and finance and/or planning (to coordinate this part of the process);
  • A Scoping Lead, which includes a team from the Support Unit (SU) or from one of the Partnership’s members.

The Country Engagement process acts as a coalition. Partnership members are involved throughout the process, including in revision and drafting processes, consultations and more.

As the Country Engagement process is designed to adapt to country-specific contexts, not all countries may choose to request support from the Partnership through an RSL. Regardless of the model used, the Partnership works throughout to involve Partnership members and to maintain an open process

Stage 1

What is a Scoping Lead?

Any member of the Partnership can take the role of the Scoping Lead. The Scoping Lead is an entity who volunteers to lead the work from Stage 1 (pre-scoping calls) to Stage 3 (completion of the Partnership Plan). The member country requesting support from the Partnership approves the choice of Scoping Lead.